July 25, 2021


Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News


The fast growing decentralized crypto exchange Bitentrepot.com is only 1 year old, but already hit our top 100 promising exchanges.
Being decentralized and anonymous exchange, Bitentrepot never asks you for the ID for a KYC, they use a trust deposit verification way. You don’t have to share your personal data with the site
you only have to make a minor deposit to activate your account. This is the best decision for the countries where crypto is not legal to hide your personality. Historicaly, BTC was made for a anonymous transactions,
but for now, exchange giant such as Coinbase or Binance always require your ID to verificate your account.

This is not fair for a crypto community, so many crypto exchanges appeared where you don’t have to share your private information, as a Bitentrepot one. Being the young exchange, they do operate with large amount
of BTC, which we can see on their public BTC address which contains near 1000+ BTC for now! Only with a deposit thing you can activate your account and open a limit of 3 BTC per month for withdraw.

Nowhere else you can see that, that’s a really insane we can see nowadays! CEO of Bitentrepot is a former tech director of Exodus! You can highly trust this platform with their ideas and ideology. “Our main goal is to ensure that the client fulfills his task with maximum efficiency while not losing the proper comfort”.

Wouldn’t be so good without any failes from their side. At the start of may, Bitentrepot decided to lock accounts of users who moved to another country. They do security lock account for a few days after they log in from
another IP address. We have talked with Support of the site and we do not understand if this really neccessary thing. Anyway, this is their decision, and sometimes it can safe people from funds losing if their account is hacked.

Team Bitentrepot.com it is ready to welcome new participants to its open spaces with open arms. As they say, “the future has already come for cryptocurrency”, it is never too late to join our investment community.