August 3, 2021


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Cardano’s Reddit Community Surpasses 500K Subscribers After Explosive Growth

The r/cardano community has now surpassed 500,000 subscribers after the proof-of-stake blockchain exploded in popularity earlier this year.


For comparison, the subreddit only had roughly 95,000 subscribers at the beginning of 2021.

Image by /r/cardano

The community’s top submissions are about Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson praising the blockchain’s energy efficiency, a soap company accepting ADA for payments, ADA being listed on Coinbase Pro, and the misogyny during the Cardano 360 event.

At the end of May, r/Cardano has entered the 1,000 most popular subreddits.

Meanwhile, as reported by U.Today, r/Cryptocurrency is now also on track to surpass r/Bitcoin and become the largest crypto-related Reddit community after hitting 1 million subscribers.