July 25, 2021


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Coinsray | How to use


Crypto exchange Coinsray a long-established platform in the field of crypto trading with a high capitalization and large trading volumes. It is one of the few regulated companies with a large number of licenses, working together with regulatory authorities. The trading platform is complemented by its own crypto wallet with the ability to quickly transfer funds to fiat currencies for withdrawal.At the moment, this is the most comprehensive crypto exchange in existence, as it includes both a trading platform, a cryptocurrency wallet and a payment system for paying for goods with electronic money. Today, coinsray supports trading on currency pairs of 7 crypts and the USDC stablecoin (USD Coin).

Before you start replenishing your cryptocurrency wallet, you must immediately install the most complex authorization option for accessing the wallet – at least two-factor authentication. If the crypto exchange allows it, then you can install an even more complex access algorithm.

Additionally, you need to make sure that the wallet is active, you need to make a test transaction. If it went well and in compliance with all the established and configured security measures, then you can make a full replenishment. You can also use a special voucher for replenishment, similar to invoicing.

To withdraw funds, you must pass verification, use exchangers, e-wallets, or link to a stablecoin, for example, USDC. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the total amount will be affected by the change in the exchange rate at the end of the transaction. Some exchanges, however, allow you to “freeze” the exchange rate at the time of submitting an application for withdrawal, but, as a rule, this service entails additional commissions.