August 5, 2021


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College Students Say Crypto Causes Stress, Mood Swings and Insomnia: Survey

South Korean college students who have invested in crypto suffer from a vast array of mental issues, the Korea Times reports.


68.3 percent of those surveyed by information provider Alba Heaven claim that they have experienced psychological problems.

The students are struggling to keep up with their studies and daily routines because they suffer from stress and insomnia. Some of them claim that they are addicted to crypto.

A third of the poll participants have mood swings based on the price performance of their cryptocurrencies.

Buying the top

The average college student has less than four months of cryptocurrency investing experience, which means that they likely bought the top.

Nearly 60 percent of them have actually lost money with crypto. The average loss is 740,000 won ($659).

Most students invest in crypto with money from their part-time jobs, while some of them are taking funds from their parents.