July 25, 2021


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Dogecoin for Showing Up to Job Interviews: Florida Sushi Chain Attracts Dozens of New Applicants with Meme Crypto

Businesses are getting increasingly creative in order to attract new hires.

Source: u.today

Ninja-themed sushi chain Sus-Hi Eatstation started offering Dogecoin as hiring incentives last week.

Potential hires can get paid in the meme cryptocurrency for just showing up to job interviews, owner and grandmaster Robert Ly told 10 Tampa Bay:

We recently started using Dogecoin as a way to incentivize people just to show up to the interview.

Sus-Hi Eatstation has already attracted 40 new job applicants thanks to the meme crypto.

On top of 25 DOGE, anyone who actually gets the job will be able to receive a $100 sign-on bonus.

Sus-Hi Eatstation remains 30 percent understaffed as it is trying to get back on its feet after the pandemic-induced lockdown.