August 5, 2021


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Flare (FLR) Community Sheds Light on Its Own Validator Launch Prospects

An anonymous Twitter user asked the most popular community-managed account of the Flare (FLR) blockchain about whether its authors have plans to launch its own FTSO.


Any ideas about community-driven FTSO of Flare (FLR)?

Following the Flare Community interview on the Deep Space Flare channel, Twitter user FlareIX asked him about his validator’s ambitions.

Image via Twitter

Namely, the Flare Community was asked whether it plans to become a “Flare Time Series Oracle,” a sort of Flare-specific validator.

The Flare community’s enthusiast admitted that he has “considered” such an opportunity. Meanwhile, it would be about profits for him.

Mostly, his potential FTSO software and hardware infrastructure would serve research purposes, he claimed.

More validators, more decentralization

On May 17, 2021, the Flare Atlas team of Flare activists unveiled an updated list of platforms that are ready to deliver FTSO services since the inception of Flare’s mainnet.

The list includes purpose-made platforms Flare FTSO, FTSO.AU,, FTSO Dev, FTSO EU, FTSO Finance, FTSO UK, FTSO US and FTSO GG as well as a variety of multi-chain services.

It should be noted that Flare (FLR) blockchain’s mainnet launch is expected to occur in June or July of this year.