August 5, 2021


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Grayscale Acquires Close to 1 Billion in Crypto In Single Day

According to the Twitter account of Grayscale Investments firm that offers its customers exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies, it has added an equivalent of $0.8 billion in crypto in merely twenty-four hours.


As of Friday, April 30, the company holds $46.7 billion in crypto AUM.

Image via Twitter

The rise in the amount of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in Grayscale’s management is likely down to the rise of the BTC price from the $54,900 area to the $57,146 high that happened within April 29 and April 30.

Besides, according to Bybt blockchain service, Grayscale has been acquiring large amounts of altcoins this week – XLM, MANA, LPT, FIL and LINK.

The largest amount bought is that of XLM – 259,003 over the past week.