August 3, 2021


Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News

Registration process:

At the beginning i would like to answer on a frequent question — all options to create wallets for cryptocurrency is free of charge! However, don’t forget that the transfer fee here will be slightly higher than in any local wallets. The commission is charged only for transactions (transfers) between wallets. 24/7 Access Reliable 100% up-time with around the clock account access to all asset trading and balances.

Platform provide users with high security service, various two-factor identifications, keyboard character sets, encryption, etc. This platform doesn’t save logs and passwords of users.

Let’s start!

1. Visit the main page

2. Press on the REGISTER button.

3. Add your email and password. Fill in the necessary fields and mark the checkboxes after reading the terms of use.

4. Internal btc address generated in automatically order. Then you will be directed to your profile page.

5. To start use all the functions on this exchange you have to activate your account.

6. To get your bitcoin wallet address click green button “Deposit” near your btc balance.

7. In a while you can see your internal bitcoin wallet address.

Congratulations, your account successfully registered on