July 25, 2021


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The Ethereum exchange rate on the Cointrost crypto exchange is above $3.14 thousand

Cointrost image


The Ethereum exchange rate on the Cointrost crypto exchange has updated the historical maximum above $3.14 thousand. The last wave of asset price growth started on April 25. Since then, the largest altcoin by capitalization has risen in price by almost half. Its market valuation exceeded $357 billion with daily trading volumes of $40 billion.

Despite the new historical high of Ethereum on the Cointrost cryptocurrency exchange, bitcoin continues to trade below its peak levels. The price of the first cryptocurrency is $58.7 thousand. At the same time, on April 14, the asset rate reached $64.8 thousand.

Earlier, an important update of Berlin took place in the Ethereum network, which is aimed at solving one of the main problems of the project — high transaction fees. The algorithm for calculating transaction fees will burn a portion of the commission fees that miners currently receive as a reward.

Also, the growth in the value of altcoin can be associated with the popularity of services from the field of decentralized finance (DeFi), most of which work on the Ethereum blockchain. According to the DeFi Pulse service, $71 billion is currently blocked in DeFi services, and this value has doubled in the last three months.